11.00 am Mixed-ability Pilates Clare Gillett West Hampstead BOOK
6.00 pm Mixed-ability Pilates Lucy Ella Warren West Hampstead BOOK
7.30 pm Mixed-ability Pilates Valentina Fruzzetti Queen’s Park BOOK


7.30pm Pilates on the Ball Dorita Vardikou West Hampstead BOOK
8.30 pm Beginners/Improvers Dorita Vardikou West Hampstead BOOK



1.00 pm Mixed-ability Pilates Valentina Fruzzetti Queen’s Park BOOK
6.00 pm Beginners/Improvers Alice Nebel West Hampstead BOOK
7.00 pm Mixed-ability Pilates Alice Nebel West Hampstead BOOK



10.00 am 60+ Pilates Mary Schiffer West Hampstead BOOK



9.30 am Mixed-ability Pilates Hannah French West Hampstead BOOK
11.00 am Intermediate Pilates Hannah French West Hampstead BOOK



10.00 am Mixed-ability + Prenatal Pilates Gloria Fuson West Hampstead BOOK



We highly recommend you start with a private 1-1 intro lesson in your home or join one of our beginner or beginner & improver classes in order to master the basics before you progress to a mixed-ability or intermediate class. With Pilates, as many things, you will get out of it what you invest.

Pilates can be a fantastic way to manage and aid injury recovery. Those with an injury or illness may need
a private Pilates introduction before being able to join a class so please contact us prior to joining a class. Details of private lessons can be found here.

Classes are an hour long and are limited to 10 participants in West Hampstead and 12 in Queen’s Park, in order to ensure safety and the best results.

Getting your joints and spine into the best possible alignment before moving is a key aspect of Pilates, therefore it is important that your teacher is able to see the position of your body. For this reason, it is helpful to wear comfortable clothes that aren’t though too loose – something you’re able to move and stretch in. For Pilates,
we work barefoot or with socks – non-slip socks with a sole grip can be useful.

Mats are provided at our West Hampstead venue. Clients bring their own mats to Queen’s Park. All other equipment is provided at both locations.



  • We operate a strict 12 hour cancellation policy on all group class bookings and there are no exceptions
    to this.
  • Class pass validity periods are there to encourage you to get the most out of your practice. It really
    is important to do Pilates regularly in order to reap the rewards. Please ensure you select a pass that you will be able to complete within the validity period and something that best fits with your lifestyle. Click here for prices.
  • Extensions to class passes are now available and can be bought for £5 for an extra 2 weeks. Please email dalia@ilovepilates.org.uk before yours expires, to arrange this.