The Team

Sarah Pfitzner 

Sarah ProfileMovement, sport and exercise are in Sarah’s DNA. From dancing to playing netball at state level she has always been passionate about the power our bodies hold. However it was through a severe life-changing illness that Sarah discovered and fell in love with Pilates. She experienced firsthand just how powerful and transformative Pilates can be and wanted to share this gift with others. Her training with Body Control Pilates began in 2008 and she continues to expand her knowledge with further training each year. Her studies in Pilates, health, nutrition, NLP, psychology and mindfulness all play an integral role in her goal to empower others to be the best version of themselves possible. Sarah is the co-owner of I Love Pilates Ltd.

“Pilates is not just about ‘the core’. It’s also about realignment, finding strength, balance and beauty from the inside out, encouraging functional movement and using the mind and breath to become the master of your own body. Pilates is ‘mindfulness in motion’.”


Dalia Schestatzky

Dalia has been a sports and movement enthusiast since her childhood, especially loving horse riding, tennis and dance. She discovered Pilates 10 years ago, accompanying an enthusiastic friend and simply fell in love. After finishing her BA in Psychology, she completed her Pilates mat teaching certificate with Physical Mind Institute (NY), and her equipment certificate with Reut Greitzer (Pilates foundation). She has a wide variety of teaching experience having worked in Pilates studios, gyms, remedial departments in hospitals, in both private settings and in small group classes. Dalia loves learning and  attending Pilates conferences and fitness workshops keeps her at the top of her game and in touch with the latest advancements in the field. Dalia is the co-owner of I Love Pilates Ltd.

Pilates connected me to motion and to the body in a way no physical exercise has done before. Each and every Pilates session teaches me something new. For me, practicing Pilates is the ultimate way to achievea sense of vitality of body and mind, concentration and control.”


Rochelle Bloomfield

Rochelle ProfileWith a background in dance and various sports Rochelle has always had a passion for movement. She had been practising Pilates for a few years before deciding to take her interest further and train with the Pilates Foundation. 

“Pilates has taught me a number of lessons, perhaps most importantly to listen to my own body. Working in an office for many years meant I had begun to ignore my body against the hustle and bustle of life. Pilates renewed my body awareness and has helped me to build strength for daily activities and the various other physical demands I place on my body. I now want to help others discover the joy of movement, to become aware, build strength and claim back their bodies” 


Hannah French

Hannah found Pilates on the recommendation of her osteopath, as a way to rehab a back injury from childhood. Over the years she found a way out of the pain, a renewed confidence in her body and a deep love for the Pilates movement system. She completed her matwork qualification with the Pilates Foundation in 2012 and spent 2 years honing her skills teaching in Shanghai before returning toLondon to share her expertise here and continue her Pilates journey.

“Pilates is about whole body movement; not just the core or isolating one particular part of the body. Through Pilates I have found strength and tone in my legs, glutes and arms – areas I did not give a  second thought to when I was trying to get over my back injury. Every class focuses on bringing the body into better alignment as a whole, and building strength within this optimal alignment, so everyone can benefit from professional athletes to office workers to those in chronic pain”.


Pascale Aebischer

Pascale profile picPascale discovered Pilates as a way to address postural issues becoming problematic in her life. This introduction reawakened her love of movement, and she began a journey to challenge and explore the limits of her body.  She decided to train to teach this amazing method to others and completed her matwork training with Pilates In Motion, a founding member of The Independent Pilates Teacher’s Association. She has since deepened her understanding of Pilates by completing the studio apparatus training with them. As a qualified massage therapist, she uses a hands-on approach to teaching which further enables her clients to find enjoyment and confidence in their abilities through stronger and more stable movement.

“Pilates is a way for me to strengthen my body in a balanced way. Injuries had made me doubt my potential, but I have exceeded my beliefs, discovered a new freedom of movement, and now I am curious to see how far my body will take me. This is what I wish to share with my clients.”


Mary Schiffer

Mary ProfileAfter a career in retail sales and design, with Pilates as her fitness routine, Mary decided to make Pilates more than a hobby and so trained to become a Pilates instructor. She began her Pilates training with the matwork course at Pilates In Motion with Anoushka Boone in January 2012, and has never looked back, continuing her Pilates education each year. Mary’s training, years of experience and commitment to Pilates excellence have enabled her to support her clients in rehabilitation and in good health, encouraging good movement patterns, improving their strength and enabling them to become less injury prone. 

“Our bodies have to cope with with a lot, and if they are not up to the task, they certainly let us know about it. By practising Pilates regularly, anyone can benefit, regardless of age or level of fitness.”


Federica Zurleni

Federica 2Federica is originally from Italy where she trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer. She moved to the UK to work in theater, TV and has been touring across Europe with various artists as a dancer, assistant choreographer and dance coach. She has been teaching Pilates for the past ten years after training with The Body Control Pilates Association and since then she also attended various workshops, most recently at the Laban centre. 

“Pilates is an intelligent way to exercise and to discipline your body, creating good muscle memory. I use it to develop great functional movement, no matter what activity I take on in my daily life.”



Emily Naumovic

Emily is a certified Stott Pilates and yoga instructor with more than 20 years of professional experience.  She trained as a yoga teacher in 1994 before getting her masters in social work and becoming a counselor in New York City.  After moving to London in 2009, she shifted her professional focus to movement as therapy and trained as a Pilates teacher in order to understand anatomy and stability.  She currently teaches Pilates and yoga to groups and individuals throughout London. Emily holds certificates in Pilates for scoliosis, pre- and postnatal Pilates and offers these areas as a specialty for clients.

“I am constantly amazed by the regenerative powers of Pilates that I see in my clients and how shifts in awareness and muscle recruitment create space, strength and freedom in the body.  I started taking Pilates in 2000 after my regular yoga class was cancelled, and loved the clarity and focus of it.  Moving to London gave me an excuse to change careers and I have since found a large community of Pilates converts like myself.  I love how there is always more to learn, and how once you get to the end of one path of study, you can go right back to the beginning with a refreshed perspective, finding that the classic exercises become increasingly compelling and rewarding.”


Dorita Vardikou

Born in Greece, Dorita was 8 years old when she was diagnosed with a scoliosis of her spine. She underwent spinal fusion surgery 8 years later and it was during this challenging journey of rehabilitation that she was introduced to the Pilates method. Like so many teachers, Dorita experienced first hand the incredible benefits of Pilates, and so, after practising for about 11 years, she decided to fully embrace the technique by training to become a Pilates teacher. She completed her qualification with Body Control Pilates.

 “By practising Pilates you can see how a ‘weak’ part on your body can become the strongest. This Method develops the body uniformly, corrects poor posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates mind and elevates the spirit!”


Eleni Molida-McEwan

Being quite tall, Eleni has always had challenges with posture and occasional back issues. But it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which affects her knees that she stopped exercising due to chronic pain. It was through physiotherapy and, later on, Pilates that Eleni found a way of managing her condition effectively and becoming active again. This is when she decided to train as a teacher with Body Control Pilates and help others achieve a better quality of life through exercise. She qualified as an instructor in 2014 and has completed her specialist training in ante- and post-natal Pilates. She is committed to continuing to expand her knowledge and experience and become the best teacher she can be, as she is passionate about the benefits of Pilates.

“Pilates is about making every move count. It has the power to transform bodies and attitudes. Through Pilates you can become stronger, leaner, more graceful and, above all, aware of your body.”


Gloria Fuson

Gloria 1aBorn in Venice, Italy, Gloria began artistic gymnastics training at the age of 3 and dance training at the age of 9. She discovered Pilates as a dancer and it was love at first sight. She began her Pilates studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, and at True Pilates in NYC, and gained her Pilates teacher qualification in 2012 (F.I.F. Federazione Italiana Fitness). She has specialised in pre/postnatal Pilates with Carolyne Anthony of The Centre for Women’s Fitness in Manchester (MBodies Training Academy). Gloria is also a Zena Rommett Floor-barre™ Technique certified teacher. She has also been invited to teach at several ballet academies in Italy and to the Northern Ballet in Leeds.

I’m a ‘movement lover’ and I think that everything comes from a good alignment and also that good posture is our home and happy place. Pilates is the way to find that happy place.”


Alice Nebel

Alice is our super sporty girl… If she isn’t playing netball or marching around Hampstead Heath, you will find her watching the big tournaments and championships. Off the pitch, all of this sport can bring muscle tightness, imbalances and fatigue. Knowing little about the method, she finally went to ‘try out’ Pilates and within 4 months Alice had enquired with Body Control Pilates to begin her teacher training.  She qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2016 and has gone on to do further specialist training in Pilates and bone health, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

“We are all designed to move, and my classes are based on building great functional movement and dynamic core strength that clients can then take into everyday life. I realised the power of Pilates when I started to unravel myself out of bed easier and was able to move with more energy and a lighter feeling on my shoulders and my wish is for my clients enjoy the same feeling after my classes. I aim to give individual attention to each and every client to encourage the best possible movement for them.”