Building exercise into everyday life

Exercise doesn’t always need to involve spending a lot of money nor setting aside hours of your week. Those who know me well, know that I’m all about building it into your everyday life – let’s make things as easy and fun as possible for ourselves!

So, here are a few top tips for building exercise into your everyday life:

  1. Practice your standing posture at every possibility – while waiting for the bus, tube, to be served etc.
  2. Do some squats, push-ups against the kitchen bench, stretches, balancing on one leg etc while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.
  3. Find a great exercise DVD that you can use to supplement your current Pilates practice.
  4. Get off the tube or bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way.
  5. Don’t stand on the right! Make it a rule that you have to walk up the escalator whenever you physically can.
  6. Set an alarm at work to go off at 30 minute intervals to remind you to get up, stretch and move.
  7. Choose 1-3 Pilates exercises from your class to practice at home each week – before you know it you’ll have a nice repertoire for your home practice or…
  8. Book a private Pilates lesson or two to take you through a personal programme designed especially for you and your home practice.
  9. Begin to notice the movements that you do repreatedly on a daily basis. They’re the ones that it can be useful to ‘offset’ with your practice.
  10. Make an appointment in your diary for 1 minute of conscious breathing each day, breathing deep into the belly and contracting the abs on the exhale, at a time when you’re likely to need it the most.


Keep it simple. Keep moving. Keep breathing. Keep reconnecting with your beautiful essential self.

Sarah x