We love Pilates and believe no matter your age, gender, shape or level of fitness, Pilates is perfect for increasing health and wellbeing, recovering  from injury or improving your sporting performance.

We offer:

Group mat Pilates classes in West Hampstead, London NW6.

Private Pilates lessons in your home or place of work.

Corporate Pilates classes in your London office,
arranged at a time convenient to the group.

Pilates & meditation retreats in the UK and overseas.

“The Pilates method of body conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

-Joseph Pilates-


Enhance the effect and quality of your Pilates practice by combining
a private lesson to your group practice…

What People Say About Us

“I must say that Dalia and Sarah are some of the best teachers I have ever had. Both are super professional, classes always start on time and the individual attention that they give to their students is outstanding! I have seen a big improvement in my posture and flexibility. I would recommend anyone to join and practice Pilates with them.”

Daniel, Marketing and Communications Executive

“This is the best Pilates class I have done! Great knowledge of the body, lovely style of teaching, balancing strength exercises with lovely remedial imagery. The teacher picked up on my own bad habits from the first session – I learnt things about my body I didn’t know and as a professional dancer this is massively important to me. I always walk away feeling strong and stretched and brand new.”

Ria, Professional dancer

“The teachers at I Love Pilates are highly experienced and kind, thoughtful about what they are teaching, able to explain clearly and to correct. The classes can be hard work, but they’re fun too. When I’ve finished a class I feel stronger, energised and taller! Thank you to Sarah and Dalia.“

Catherine, Freelance editor

“The best thing every woman can do for her body (and man as well!). After years of Pilates training and numerous encounters with Pilates instructors I have finally reached Pilates heaven. Sarah and Dalia are the most professional and kind instructors. Highly recommended!!“


“I feel a real difference in my body. My core is much stronger and my posture is better . Both Sarah and Dalia teach with great clarity, gentle encouragement and a sense of fun. I leave each class feeling calmer and happier than before.”

Brenda, Publishing consultant

“I have been doing Pilates in London for ten years and this is the best class I have found. The teachers really helped me to visualise, strengthen and engage my core. “

Michael, BBC Camera man





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